Team Meghan was at the Annville - Cleona High School Four Diamonds Mini-Thon on March 10, 2018!

"We did a walk of remembrance and at the end while they were finishing reading the names we all circled around the gym and I was balling and everyone around me was crying and it was so emotional. While we were in the gym taking it all in they played “part of your world” not knowing that Meghan sang it at Penn State Thon last year and I just lost it. I cried so much and I wish people would’ve gotten pictures of us holding each other crying, it really showed the sad reality that what we are doing is so amazing but so many people unfortunately lost their battles. The amount of people that surrounded me when I was crying was incredible. So many people were there for me." - Rachel Campbell

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Rachel in her own words...

Meghan and I met through mutual theater friends! Meghan and I seemed to get along right away! The one day I got to know Meghan the most was when we went to a baby shower together. We spent a couple of hours just talking and really getting to know each other. Meghan was very honest to me about how she was feeling but I realized that she was so good at putting a smile on her face and making everyone happy and I was so inspired.

Meghan was a beautiful person inside and out and she loved to tell me I was beautiful too. Meghan was an angel here and now she’s watching over everyone she loved.